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Daughters of Kismet: Family Honour, Shame & Violence

is a continuation of the memoir of Aruna Papp, interwoven with the stories of several South Asian immigrant women. Some arrived as new brides, others followed their husbands, and still others grew up in Canada but were tricked by their families into returning to their ancestral homes and were then forced to marry strangers.

The women are from different castes, social, economic and educational backgrounds but what binds them together is cultural identity. Cultivated for wedlock from birth, they were taught that only marriage could affirm their self-worth regardless of education, self-sufficiency, beauty or past accomplishments; their primary roles in life were to be asexual daughters and virtuous wives.

Locked up in towering apartment buildings, isolated from community, enduring both physical and psychological abuse, they have to deal with physical and mental illness. To stop the abuse they must lay charges against their husbands—the same men on whom they, and their children, are dependent.

Unable to shun their Kismet—their Fate—this book documents how they found new ways to survive.

This book will be of special interest to social workers, family counsellors, police forces, hospital staff, and anyone else who deals with victims of culturally-specific, honor-based violence.

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Cover Unworthy Creature

ARUNA PAPP is the author of
Unworthy Creature: A Punjabi Daughter's Memoir of Honour, Shame and Love
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Available Early 2016
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